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  1. someone asked that if its true that if one tzadik does a total teshuvah moshiach would come then doesnt the rebbe fulfill those reqrierments (minute 38)
    and rabbi friedman said that its not for the rebbe cous he has no aveiros to do teshuvah for and we need a real baal teshuvah to do real teshuvah then moshiach will come
    it does not mean teshuvah for averos . teshuvah over here is as a borowed term meaning some thing else something that its avodah that is a similar kind of idea to teshuvah. the proof is that we see that there were people that did real teshuvah we see in gemara about a person who did alot of averos a big rasha and one day he did a “COMPLETE” tushuvah so strong that he had kalos hanefesh.

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