This video is an excerpt from a discussion with ULY Mesivta Shiur Gimmel. For the full audio: Click Here

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  1. I must say I disagree logically with most of the class. I cannot say the conclusion is wrong or correct, but the logic seems faulty.

    1). You see many times where the sages decided something was not worth the gain at its loss. Many commentaries state that Idolatry and Prophecy are counterparts to the same potential and both were taken away. Though both are equal potentials the negative was for more in use and resulted in too great a loss. Therefore, the balance in itself is not stand to legitimize a tool. Rather it is the Gedolie HaDor who determine such decisions. Similarly TV etc….

    2). And funny enough I think the major gain, providing money and business is still legitimate when used with a filter.

    3). I take it this video was made before the actual asifa. There many issues regarding internet were discussed. Few even bothered with the content; rather, they dealt with how it is used. Many websites having hoards of Loshon Hora for instance. But most importantly as Rabbi Wachsman noted, it creates clicking monsters: Children and people who as they get bored of what they are reading simply click to the next piece. It ruins souls as he mentioned. This truth he stated is told to us also by the non-Jewish psychologists and Therapists. I also think this is the way websites are designed from the ground up. Youtube for instance with its related to list, and it itself has a statistic of how long a person will watch!!! This truly destroys Menuchas HaNefesh.

    4). What is the test of this generation? Perhaps as your implication to have a computer and beat the test (unless I misunderstood). Perhaps to have no computer and beat the test (See Berachos 4a if I recall correctly) that states learning Torah is the best way to beat the Yetzer Hara, where the commentaries mention that it fills a persons head with Torah to the point the Yetzer Hara cannot enter, and so beating a yetzer hara means not even allowing it in, this too is beating the yetzer hara (the next step, when that fails shall he now pray shema etc…). Perhaps the test is Emunas Chachamim, with a few splintered factions perhaps the test is: will we try to come together on issues (am yisrael chad hu) or make the gap grow larger (perhaps this is an issue or not), but Emunas Chachamim always is.

    5). The Asifa was not because people were sacred of klipot…. To make such a blanket statement misses the point….

    My biggest issue is not even with your conclusion, I think my biggest issue is how the implication of the class is that the majority of the frum Jewish world is wrong. And even if it were only a minority, those Gedolim present and supporting the Asifa are from the Gedolei HaDor, and are implied to be incorrect. I personally would ask that you use a softer language in the future, and at least say there is a difference of opinion and although there is one way, we at chabad have a different way. But to use the tone and words you used “…that is so bad….” and words that might be taken as mocking I think is incorrect, though it is only my opinion. I do suggest possibly watching the video you posted another time with this in mind. Though I do not believe this was your intention in any way, I do think it can be understood in a mocking tone, and it is important to be aware of the different possible misunderstandings.

    I do take other issue, but I think this represents enough for now. I look forward to a response.

  2. It’s very clear that the point being made in this video is the general attitude of how to approach the internet nissayon

    Use an open eyed calm perspective that integrates this experience with 3000 years of yiddishkeit rather then creating a new evil power/boogey monster outside of yiddishkeits frame of reference that we must approach as outsiders with fear, or as they used to call it in the old days “avodah zarah”

    He is not referring to the who what where when should have internet and how.

    I have great respect for R Friedman to make a point on video that requires some minumum level of intelligence to understand – he has a much higher opinion of humanity then i do.

    Interestingly a great mammer chazal that articulates the concept that there is no new experience or power that exists (no matter how dark and evil) that is not already contained and addressed in yiddishkeit is :

    לית “אתר” פנוי מיניה – there is no place empty of G-d

    How appropriate that the modern hebrew word for internet site is: (wait for it) אתר

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