King In The Field – Day #2: G-d Is Romantic

King In The Field – Day #2: G-d Is Romantic

What is Hashem’s ultimate request? What is he really after? This clip cuts right to the heart of it.

This video is an excerpt of a discussion with Rabbi Manis Friedman and Bais Rivkah Seminary Girls

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  1. this is candy coated lecture.Hashem said from the very beginning at har sinai

    “in Ki Tavo, Moses concludes the transmission of the 613 Mitzvot and begins the final section of Deuteronomy, Moses’ farewell to his people. He places before them possible blessings and curses, and in broad strokes depicts what will occur if they fulfill the Torah (and if they do not). For the second time (the first being in Leviticus, Parshat Bechukotai), the Torah depicts the pain and suffering that will be the Jewish people’s lot for forsaking the Torah.” It is clear we have an obligation to do here to obey and do what G-d requires us to do.

  2. I think you get the answer to your question in the later videos (17-22). I remember two things. One is that the Torah is our first stage in our relationship with G-d and on the first date the romance doesn’t always come out. But, if you look in tehillim and then especially in Shir Hashirim you see that G-d loves us and is not out to punish us. The second is that Torah came from the higher worlds where the angels studied it before it came down to this world. We in this world are born with a coarse nature and have been raised with all the concepts and emotions of jealousy, hatred, and punishment and that affects how we read the Torah. However, the Torah comes from G-d who is pure goodness and everything in the Torah is only blessing and good. It is just that we don’t see that because the eyes of our mind have been trained to see things differently, to see the negative. Chassidus is here to retrain us the see it the way it truly is.

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