King In The Field – Day #3: G-d Is Vulnerable

King In The Field – Day #3: G-d Is Vulnerable

Is G-d perfect? Do our actions affect him? Get to know G-d’s personality.

This video is an excerpt of a discussion with Rabbi Manis Friedman and Bais Rivkah Seminary Girls

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10 responses

  1. Its about time someone is stepping in to reallign our perspective of Elul and Tishrei and how to view our relationship with the Aibershter. I don’t think its enough to keep these videos on but this needs hafatzah to all mainstream Jewish sites to arouse discussion Just as Rabbi Friedman did with the Kolel guy in MN. Yasher Koach.

  2. Yeshayahu- Isaiah – Chapter 55:8. “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways,” says the Hashem. How could we human compare our limitations to G-d? like us being vulnerable? as Dovid hamelech said “Great is HaShem, and highly to be praised; and His greatness is unsearchable.” now with out little peanut brains how could we say that G-d is vulnerable? why not deal our limitations as human beings who need G-d’s mercy to make t’shuvah rather than pointing a finger at G-d being vulnerable because of our aveirot that’s a chutzpah to make an impression that Hashem is vulnerable and limited like His own creatures! chas v’shalom!

    • 1. He didn’t compare our limitations to G-d, he compared our needs to G-d.
      2. G-d created the world, so that we need His mercy to make t’shuvah? So instead of G-d being vulnerable, you’ve made Him arrogant. Great.

      • G-d is unsearchable all the Chazal agreed the more they learn Torah the more they don`t know everything! as a speck of dust Hashem`s creatures who are we to be so presumptuous about who G-d is ? whatever Hashem wants to do He does our responsibility is to do what we are created to do as what Shlomo Hamelech said

        Kohelet – Ecclesiastes – Chapter 12:12. And more than they, my son, beware; making many books has no end, and studying much is a weariness of the flesh.
        13. The end of the matter, everything having been heard, fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the entire man.
        14. For every deed God will bring to judgment-for every hidden thing, whether good or bad.

        Are these so hard to follow? so we need to make all these flowery shiurim to convince people to make t`shuvah? what`s the point being so philosophical in everything when it can be delivered the message in a simple straight to the point message as Shlomo Hamelech said, Can`t people get it why all these suffering and punishments that we all experience since then we all have part of it so why its too hard to get the point?

  3. to say the Aibeshter needs something implies something is misssing or lacking from Him, chassidus teaches that G-d is the essence of reality and there is NOTHING void of him- how can we possibly say he needs something else if he is everything????

  4. Isn’t it that Hashem WANTED to create the world in order to have a dira and thus Hashem wants us to recognize and serve Him and spread G-dliness throughout the world. So Betzem Hashem doesnt need us or what we do but mitzaad Sheim Elokim, seder hishtalshilus, Hashem needs and wants our Avodah. That is what I’ve always thought and what I’vee understood from all that I’ve learned…..
    Thank you and Yasher Koach for the wonderful classes lkavod chodesh Elul!!!!

  5. I found this very, very moving. To think that Hashem actually needs us….this gives a whole new perspective to doing Mitzvos. I used to think that we MUST do Mitzvos, OR ELSE….but when you think that Hashem is pained when we dont do Mitzvos, you WANT to do them.

  6. G-d tells us his thoughts are not ours but he does also say that “from our flesh we can see him”.(Joeb) Because he is G-d he can be perfect and above us but also find a way to relate to us and give us a way of relating to him. Saying this is impossible is saying dira bi’tachtonim is impossible because for the world to be a dwelling place for G-d it must be able to have a relationship to him.

    G-d’s existence is everything, it’s complete oneness, but part of oneness is when even something which is opposing you, different from you, and hates you decides on its own that is loves you and is one with you. So G-d made us with a body opposed to him so that we can teach ourselves to love him. That is part of his oneness, it is the deepest meaning of ein od milvado.

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