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  1. the question has still not been answered
    how can a G-d who lacks nothing and is COMLETE be lacking something to need??? After all “needing” implies a lack or incompleteness in the needer??

  2. How could the King of the Universe needs anything from us? We address G-d being the Master of the Universe as well then now we heard that He refers to like a human being chas v’shalom! that has a need how it could it be possible??
    The answer is Hashem in reality doesn’t need anything from us. speaking about “G-d Needs”is only an illusion for us to think that way but for the sake of His covenant with Klal Yisrael He commanded all the Mitzvot to perform them as part of the condition of His relationship to Klal Yisrael as He laid down all the Blessings and the Curses at Parsha’s Ki Tavo the hardest ever to hear all the enumerated curses and the blessings that comes from the covenant package being G-d’s people so Hashem emphasize to everyone to choose Life consisting all the blessings so it’s our responsibility to do Hashem’s Will to perfom all the Mitzvot as required from us otherwise we have to face the consequences if we don’t. As to “G-d needs” all the Mitzvot from us are the biggest favor we recieve from Hashem in order to connects with Him so that His influences in this world will be stronger since G-d is all perfect! We don’t appreciate His endless kindness and mercy how Hashem even tolerate us to live in this world. Instead we make G-d looks weak to rely on our Mitzvot but don’t be overly confident, we must always remember Hashem’s condition of of His covenant to choose the good or life. If we do not follow Hashem’s Will then He pull away His influences from us so who are the losers? of course Us! Hashem is infinite He acts as He chooses but He only gave us the chance to connects with Him with all the Mitzvot so its up to us!

    • I’m assuming your the same anonymous that posted yesterday and I ask you, what was the purpose of creation? Until you can answer that question, your argument is pointless.

  3. To a creation “needing” indeed implies a lack or incompleteness…to the Creator, however, “needing” is the ultimate form of KINDNESS enabling us to worship and thereby connect with Him.

  4. I’m a kallah, getting married on 8 Elul, and everything that Rabbi Friedman has been saying these past few days is inspiring, both for my relationship with Hashem and with my chassan, and without those 2 relationships, there would be no marriage. Ya’asher koach to you, Rabbi F. and to 11213!

  5. so when you say G-d needs you are saying that it doesnt imply lacking? then that doesnt imply “needing” rather “desiring”…

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