King In The Field – Day #5: Mitzvos=Closeness

King In The Field – Day #5: Mitzvos=Closeness

How close can we get to Hashem? What is true closeness? This clip clearly defines what happens when you do a mitzvah.

This video is an excerpt of a discussion with Rabbi Manis Friedman and Bais Rivkah Seminary Girls

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4 responses

  1. Thank you Rabbi Manis Friedman for posting your discussions. Because of you, I have a different perspective on Hashem’s relationship to us and my approach to coming to closer to Hashem during Elul means so much more. May Hashem continue to give you the koach to continue your wonderful work for Klal Yisroel.

  2. If Obedience is from the distance and not being close to Hashem, then how can you be closer to Him if you don`t obey and do what He requires you to do to get closer to Him? where will we start to get closer to Him without any obedience first? it doesn`t makes sense! Shabbat is precious to Hashem and He invited us to be there but then when you don`t show up to His table why is it there is a punishment of being cut off from His people, so where`s the closeness to that? how can you explain about the consequences when you don`t obey? these are all semantics.

  3. If Mitzvot equals to Closeness then what do you call it when you DO the Mitzvot? Isn’t it obedience or you just DO IT?

    • The consequence to not doing a mitzvah is becoming further away then before G-d gave you the mitzvah. If I reveal to someone I love personal information that lets them into my need and that someone chooses not to be sensitive to that need it causes me pain and in turn I don’t feel comfortable inviting that person into my life anymore.

      If something that I ask the person I love is hard for him to do, but I ask anyways because it is very important to me and that person listens and does what is hard for him, in other he words, he does my mitzva anyways, then I feel that this person is someone I can trust and come closer and closer to. He just put his feeling and opinions about what he likes to do aside for me, what can be a greater compliment to me than that? When we do a mitzva against the will of our bodies because this is what G-d wants from us, we become very very close to him, because (aside for getting the job he needs done) we just communicated to him that his will and his needs are more important to us than our own. That is a big compliment.

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