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  1. Rabbi Friedman, What can I say about this series………it’s been the most marvelous pre-chassunah gift imaginable–wedding is Sunday, 8 Elul, im ertza Hashem, (hurricane or not)..and the rest of the series? Well, obviously, that’s the post-chassunah gift! Ya’sher koach, a million times over. And thank you especially for the “ba’al tshuva” plug, ain’t nothin’ like it, that’s for sure (and you had a part of my early BT days, so thanks for that, too)

  2. Rabbi Friedman, and all those responsible for posting this series, Thank you for bringing the king into our homes. This is the best preparation for Rosh Hashana I have seen and heard because it really penetrates my heart.

  3. I was at this evening with Rabbi Friedman last Chai Elul in CH and it changed my Elul and Tishrei. Thanks for bringing it to us again in bitesized clips so we can digest a new idea each day and really make each day of Elul a day on which we deepen our relationship with our Maker.
    Ksiva Vchasima Tova to all,

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