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  1. I must have forgotten to “enter” my comment last night. I think the Rebbe is elevated by these actions as he said that he wanted 770 to be open to the non-Jew as well as the Jew. I believe-had he lived- he would have made sure the wellsprings of Chassidus were flowing out to every corner of the Earth, for the time has come for the Redemption of Israel, and then the Redemption of the rest of the world. I.e., the time has come to spread the Noahide Laws with zest and zeal.

  2. Most fascinating talk with ‘The Amish’ …Also, interesting, on all of ‘The 7 Noahide Laws’ cards I’ve seen there is no mention of a positive ‘Mitzvah’ ‘Be Fruitful and Multiply.’ ‘Rashi’, in ‘Parshas Noach.’ said it’s a command.

    • The simple understanding of the Gemara in Sanhedrin is that it is not a Mitzvah for Bnei Noach. I believe in Halacha it is called a “Communal Mitzvah” for non-Jews, not an individual obligation, as it is by Jews.

  3. I am very grateful for the wonderful, intelligent, and talented teachers we are blessed with in our generation. May these lectures spread all over and create an understanding and appreciation of Judaism in the world.

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