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  1. To take a person is an ugly term? What about Ki Seitzei 24 where it uses that very term for marriage, “ki yikach ish isha – when a man takes a wife”? You can explain it however you want to explain it, but the word the Torah uses is “take.”

    • YH, I have had the same question as you and would like to hear Rav Manis address it.
      However, maybe he means as follows. There is a taking FOR, and a taking FROM. That is, there’s a distinction between taking a woman for a wife (in order to be her husband and a giver), and taking *within* marriage (taking *from* the other).
      To wit, Rav Manis says “in a marriage” there can be no taking, i.e., no taking *from* the other. Therefore, taking within marriage is abusive and different than taking a woman for marriage (taking her from the world at large, at it were), where one is acquiring in order to give.

  2. Rabbi Friedman , in the relationship between nefesh Elokis and ego, which one is the mashpia and which is the mekabel?

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