Mashpia & Mekabel – Episode 2: You, Not Love

Mashpia & Mekabel – Episode 2: You, Not Love

Understand the true function and purpose of love in marriage.

This video of Rabbi Manis Friedman is an excerpt of a class given to 12th grade Bais Rivkah

Coming Up… Episode 3: “Focused Love”

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3 responses

  1. R’ Friedman says, “If He created chesed on the first day, why did He do it? Out of chesed? (teva ha’tov l’heitiv) That doesn’t make sense.”

    And yet, I am looking at a letter that the Rebbe wrote to R’ Zalman Serebryanski in which he writes that the whole inyan of the beria was because teva ha’tov l’heitiv!

  2. so how do I know if I really want YOU? what part of the YOU am I looking at? the Essence of every bochur is a neshama but im not just going to marry anyone and if I marry someone because I like things about him, than I’m not really marrieng HIM! So… how is this reconciled? Please tell me, thank you!

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