This story says it all

This story says it all

Raise A Chosid Episode 9 – This story says it all

This video of Rabbi Manis Friedman is an excerpt of a class given to Bais Rivkah High School Parents

Up Next… Episode 10: “How to teach your child Yiras Shamayaim”

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Audio version of Raise A Chosid Episode 9

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One response

  1. so glad Rabbi Friedman clarified that if a child asks you to get them something, you get it for them, and then later explain to them, that they are not allowed to ask you to do things for them that they can do themselves.

    my children often ask for things during suppertime. “mommy I need a fork!”. Usually I respond with a “how do we ask?” or “try that again”, until its in a pleasant tone of voice and in request form..

    when i started listening to this clip, before Rabbi Friedman clarified.. I thought to myself. uh oh. I need to be less giving at dinnertime (and other times)

    Maybe I need to respond with a firm “get it yourself” “Its a halacha that you’re not allowed to ask mommy to get you things” (yikes)

    enough with being nice, these kids need firmness!.

    so Thank you for clarifying.

    on a practical note- this does make caring for children a lot more manageable.

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