The Essence of Being Mekabel

The Essence of Being Mekabel

The Wedding Maamar Part 4 – The Essence of Being Mekabel

This video of Rabbi Manis Friedman is an excerpt of a class given to Chassanim

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Audio version of The Wedding Maamar Part 4 – The Essence of Being Mekabel

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3 responses

  1. I think you have wonderful words of wisdom Rabbi. I like how you give permission to the man not to have to understand a woman (we are complex creatures to be sure) but at the same time it isn’t a justification to not engage and do their duty.

    As a woman, I can say we don’t do any better understanding you men either. But our greatest needs are to be loved, protected, and to feel connected to our husbands. It’s equal to the top three needs of men, of which I’ll just mention the first, which is to be respected.

    At the beginning you mention young women giving over themselves to a man (or big “boy” oftentimes) they aren’t married to and I encounter this all the time. A friends daughter lived 4 years with her boyfriend, bought a house, made life plans. 2 weeks before the wedding he left her, and within a few weeks was living with another woman. The sad thing is that women don’t get men so much that they are willing to expose themselves to exactly what they fear the most: not being protected.

    Anyway, thank you Rebbi, even as a man you pretty much nailed the issue! 😉

      • Hello Another Fan:

        I (thought) I made that context clear, I didn’t forget, and am not trying to shift his message. Rather I’m affirming the wisdom of his words from my (female) perspective.

        For instance, if a woman was giving a talk to other women, about men, and in her remarks she completely misrepresented the male perspective or “reality”, then a listening man could easily surmise she knew nothing of what she spoke, and she’d be an example of “the blind leading the blind”.

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