Is an addict really helpless?

Is an addict really helpless?

Overcoming Addictions Part 2 – Is an addict really helpless?

This video of Rabbi Manis Friedman is an excerpt from “Overcoming Your Addictions – Chassidus vs. 12 Step Program“.

Next… Part 3: Best Way To Beat An Addiction

This video is part of the series “Overcoming Addictions” new episodes are released every monday.

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2 responses

  1. The message of the 12 step program is not that you are “helpless,” but that one is “powerless” over the disease of addiction without a spiritual connection to a Higher Power.

  2. what prs says is right. furthermore if you want to put that in terms of chassidus one could compare this attitude to lifnim meshuras hadin. in terms of halacha the emphasis is on the mitzaveh and not the mitzvah. in terms of AA the emphasis is on the mitzaveh and not the self. addiction is essentially a spiritual disease in the sense one has a distorted spirit which allows for self destructive activates based on selfishness. so the solution is to be selfless by taking the focus from the self and serving G-d and eventually when well enough to start helping the fellow addict reach the same conclusion and serve G-d as well.

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