Adam & Eve – The Most Puzzling Story In Torah

Adam & Eve – The Most Puzzling Story In Torah


Adam & Eve – The Most Puzzling Story In Torah

The story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is confusing, until you listen to this class by Rabbi Manis Friedman. (Class is 15 Minutes)

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5 responses

  1. You mentioned “chasidus explains” were does chasidus explain so? To me this explanation sounds quoit the opposite of what I always thought!
    first of all the explanation you dismissed- that its trying to show us how strong the yetzer hara can be that he can overpower even in a small simple thing- is actually mentioned in a sicha of the rebbe (the first sicha volume 3) the rebbe asks how can it be that Adam who was made by the hands of hashem couldn’t handle the commandment from hashem himself just for 3 ours!? True there are many explanations according to the deeper parts of torah but the pasuk does not go out of its simple meaning so how can it be that Adam gave in to his yetzer hara!? And the answer is that the yetzer hara comes to every person in a lot of ways and different excuses but his goal is one thing to get the person to go against the will of hashem therefore if he sees that hashem really wants to get something done he fights with all his might to make the person do the opposite even if the thing is very simple to be done and especially if he is a great person because being that he is special that shows that it really maters to hashem and that’s why Adam was convinced by the yetzer hara being that that commandment really mattered and Adam was so great the yetzer hara witch at that time was dressed in the nachash fought with all its might.
    Also you mentioned it was not a command but rather a option And that’s why hashem also gave a reason to his request: “because the day you eat…”.
    That sounds very strange “not a command”? Then why in the world do we call it a sin “cheit eits hadaas “?
    Also the proof you give that it was not a command from the fact that hashem gives a reason: “because the day you eat…” to me is strange because many times in torah hashem gives a reason to a command and yet we call it a command! Not an option chas v’sholom!
    For example the commandment in “aseres hadibros” not to worship idols is definitely not an option and yet the torah gives a reason to it: “for I, the Lord, your God, am a zealous God, Who visits the iniquity of the fathers upon the sons…”
    Honoring parents is also not a option ch”v and yet the torah gives a reason for it: “in order that your days be lengthened on the land that the Lord, your God, is giving you.”
    With that said it’s very hard to imagine that tzadikim like Adam and chava would start making cheshbonos on hashams commandment! And this that hashem receives enjoyment from baaley teshuvah over tzadikim is not a excuse for them to sin. like we know one who sais I will sin and do teshuvah is going against the torah! and this that hashem wants a person to sin for the enjoyment he receives from teshuva that leave up to hashem; you just have to do what your commanded and that’s it like its mentioned in chasidus.
    So please share your thought and explanation on this. Thank you.

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