Dwelling Place


When have you ever heard the phrase “Dwelling Place” other then when somebody talks about the purpose of creation?The conversation usually goes something like this:
Hey Yossi, “Why did G-d create the world?”

Yossi: “Oh easy, because G-d had a desire for a Dwelling Place in the lower world.”

The truth is, till a spur of the moment recording (clip below) I really never understood the whole “Dwelling Place” idea. It was always felt like I was a contractor for hire to build this thing called a Dwelling Place for Hashem and maybe if I chose not to build it the Jewish guy next to me would. Are all of our Mitzvos simply just a means to an end? Or does Chassidus completely shatter our conventional notion of Dwelling Place with something much deeper instead.

All I can say is after hearing the brief explanation below, I had more clarity as too what it’s all about. I present to you the clip simply entitled “Dwelling Place.”

– Yoni

P.S. Have you ever heard it explained it this way?

This video of Rabbi Manis Friedman explains the concept of Dirah Bitachtonim.

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