Garden Of Healing: Holistic & Kabbalistic

Garden Of Healing - Holistic & Kabbalistic

Garden Of Healing: Holistic & Kabbalistic

This lecture with Rabbi Manis Friedman was given at the Levi Yitzchok Library in honor of Tu B’Shevat. (Class is 53 Minutes)

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One response

  1. Very good lesson about the healing etc. But I don’t understand something: If I have on the shelve Calcium regular and next to it Calcium totally dilluted, which one should I choose? One contradicts the other, no? Or is it so, that in order to take calcium dilluted (Homeopathie), one needs to first have a certain set of mind, in order to take it. otherwise, why are there so many medicines if everybody could justs take the totall dilluted version. Doesn’t one have to “believe” in it? Okay, I admit, I belive in the calcium and therefore I take it. So on both options needs to be believing in it?

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