Day 5: Who Came First?

Day 5: Who Came First?

Uncomfortable Day 5: Who Came First?

This video is part of the series Uncomfortable

Transcript, references and audio version available below Yehoshua’s Reaction.

Yehoshua’s Reaction:

What is real and what is really REAL?

WE interpret our reality as the real thing but we lose sight of the fact that whatever it is that we think is REAL to us is merely just a tiny extension of Hashem’s existence which is the real REAL.

What struck me in this aspect is as if he was always saying that whenever we try to envision the Ribono Shel Olam we always have to keep his greatness in context and we cant try to limit him to our flawed human world understanding of his existence.

“But this is the reality we know! This is our world?”

I enthusiastically asked him, trying to understand how if that is the case then how can us mere mortals attempt to conceptualize our relationship with Hakadosh Baruch Hu.

And his answer:

“Thats why he gave us the Torah”

That rang as Emes, that put things in perspective, we actually have window into the existence of the Shechina. How crazy is that?

Pieces move around… the clear becomes clearer… and the lofty thoughts become reality.. day by day…. day by day…

Note: Please be advised that these reactions are unedited.

Transcript & References

“…ויברא אלקים את האדם בצלמו בצלם אלקים ברא אתו”

“And God created man in His image; in the image of God He created him…”
-Beraishis 1:27

“…וירא ישראל את היד הגדולה אשר עשה ה’ במצרים”
את היד הגדלה:” את הגבורה הגדולה שעשתה ידו של הקב”ה. והרבה לשונות נופלין על לשון יד, וכולן לשון יד ממש הן, והמפרשו יתקן הלשון אחר ענין
(הדבור: (פרש”י

“And Israel saw the great Hand, which the Lord had used upon the Egyptians…”
“The great hand:” The great mighty deed that the hand of the Holy One, blessed be He, had performed. Many meanings fit the term יד, and they are all expressions derived from an actual hand, and he who interprets it must adjust the wording according to the context. (Rashi)
-Shemos 14:31

“…והנה כל בחינה ומדריגה משלש אלו נפש רוח ונשמה כלולה מעשר בחינות כנגד עשר ספירות עליונות שנשתלשלו מהן”

“Now, each distinction and grade of the three— nefesh, ruach and neshamah— consists of ten faculties, corresponding to the Supernal Ten Sefirot (Divine manifestations), from which they have descended…”
-Tanya Chapter 3.

Let’s take another look at the Aybishter. He is ’More of everything’ that we are. So if we have a little bit of intelligence, He has infinite. If we have a little bit of chesed, He has infinite.If we have a little bit of sensitivity than He has infinite, yeah?

So when you say that, ‘He needs, but not like us.’ That’s true. Our needs are petty, His needs are real. So it’s not that He has less, He has more. Most human needs are not even true. They’re not even true. The Aybishter’s needs are true. And one of the ways of understanding this, and I hope this makes sense..

When we think about the Aybishter getting angry, we think ‘Nah, that’s human.’ Human beings often get angry out of weakness, out of fear, out of pettiness. But there is a valid anger. Like when Moshe Rabbeinu got angry at the people, that’s a valid anger,that was not a weakness. Like moral indignation; it’s not a weakness, that’s a value. So when we say the Aybishter gets angry, His anger is real. Our anger is sometimes unjustified, sometimes petty. So we can’t say He doesn’t get angry because our anger is flawed. His anger is the real thing and it’s not flawed.

But let’s get down to even basic body descriptions. Does the Aybishter have an arm? The Torah says that Hashem has a right arm and a left arm. Does He or doesn’t He? It must be true. So, the Aybishter has an arm; but what is His arm like?

So aren’t we told not to take that literally, that when it says an arm we’re not supposed to take it literally?… We are supposed to take it literally, because the Torah speaks ‘real.’

We are not supposed to understand the Abishter’s arm as a physical arm. You know why? Because His arm is real, and a physical arm is not. A physical arm is not a real arm; it’s just a cheap copy. His arm is a real one, I don’t know why we call it ‘spiritual,’ it’s real, and we are created in His image. He doesn’t have a physical arm, because a physical arm is not a real one.

So the perfect example is when my granddaughter was crying because her doll broke. The arm came off, so I said “Wow, that must have hurt a lot”. So she starts to laugh. She says “It didn’t hurt”. I say “How can it not hurt, the arm came off?” She says “It’s not a real arm”. I say “How do you know?” She says “It’s plastic”. Plastic! – a plastic arm is not a real arm. So what is a real arm? An arm with a bone in it? Uhhh.. that’s a real arm? — No it’s not, it’s a bone.

So what is a real arm? The Aybishter’s arm is a real arm. He raises His arm; the sea splits. Now you’re talking an arm. An arm made out of a bone? C’mon…! An arm that can break? To us an arm of bone is real, that’s right and that’s why the Torah had to be revealed to us, because we think we’re real.

So the Aybishter came and said ‘Excuse me but uhh, you’re plastic.’ We are a good copy of what’s real; we’re almost life-like. So anything it says in Torah about the Aybishter is the real thing, because it’s not Gashmius.

Let’s try this again; Does the Aybishter have an arm? Yes! Literally an arm? Yes! A real arm? Yes! You mean like mine? Ehhh no…. a real one. Why is your arm the measure of reality?

True, that is the measurement of reality Hashem gave us, yet He corrected it with the Torah. He revealed a bigger truth in Torah; without Torah, yes, we would run around thinking ‘We’re it’. Just like the doll thinks…

We have to start from the beginning.


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