Day 6: Whose World Is It?

Day 6: Whose World Is It?

Uncomfortable Day 6: Whose World Is It?

This video is part of the series Uncomfortable

Transcript, references and audio version available below Yehoshua’s Reaction.

Yehoshua’s Reaction:

We go through life knowing that this is Hashem’s world. That he created the trees, the plants, the rivers, created us.

Yet on a conscious level when it comes to our purpose in this world and our service of Mitzvos, remembering that Hashem created the world can change the way we think.

He created the world. It’s his. It must be he needs something. He brought us here for a purpose.

He didn’t work to create his world for us to live in without a purpose for himself.

The clincher for me?

When R’ Manis tied in the receiving of the Torah on Har Sinai.

Because, like discussed earlier, the Torah is window to our higher purpose, to the Mitzvos that he needs from us. For the first time after Har Sinai our purpose on this world was clear and our goals were set….

Wow. How Crazy. How Emes.

“This is all starting to click for me on a very deep level, I can feel the connection being made between these intellectual concepts and my emotional heart. Bridges are being built between this world and the one above us…”

Note: Please be advised that these reactions are unedited.

Transcript & References

“במי נמלך בנשמותיהן של צדיקים…” דזה שנתעורר כביכול להיות חפץ חסד הוא מצד זה שעלה במחשבה (מחשבה עצמית, שלמעלה מהגילוי דחפץ חסד) שעתידין ישראל לקיים תומ”צ ולעשות דירה לו ית’ בתחתונים..

.נחת רוח לפני שאמרתי ונעשה רצוני, דנחת רוח ותענוג זה (שנעשה רצוני, ע”י ישראל) הוא בעצמותו ית’ (נחת רוח לפני)

“With whom did Hashem consult to create this world? With the souls of the righteous.” This that Hashem, so to speak, desired to bestow kindness and create this world, is because it arouse in His thought, (in His Essence, higher than the Revelation of ‘ A Desire to Bestow Kindness) that the Jews will ultimately fulfill the Torah and Mitzvos and make a dwelling place for His Essence in the lower worlds…

“This gives Me a Nachas Ruach, for I have commanded and My will has been fulfilled,” this Nachas Ruach and pleasure accomplished through “My will having been fulfilled” by the Jewish People, is in Hashem’s very Essence.

-Ma’amorim Melukatim vol. 3. Kuntrus Beis Nissan.

Think about the significance of the word “B’raishis Bara Elokim Es Hashamayim Vi’es Ha’aretz.” What does that tell you? In other words, what is this world? It’s His creation.

It’s almost like saying; “Remember that you did not create the world.” ‘Wow, that changes everything.’ So it’s not my world. So even my existence is not mine because “B’raishis Bara Elokim.” ‘It’s His world, what am I doing here?’ Instead of ‘This is my world, I’m not sure I believe in G-d…’ Like what, this is your world and you’re deciding whether you’re going to let Him in?

How did we get everything so backwards; ‘What is the Aybishter doing in my world? Why should I allow the Aybishter into my life?’ Do you see how ridiculous that is? You don’t have to be a Tzaddik, just have a little..sanity. You created the world…?

But what does this world do for the Aybishter? What does it do for Him? Let’s say ‘He wants our best..’ why?

Like somebody once said, “the Aybishter is like a father, no, He doesn’t need anything, He just wants to do good for you.” A father doesn’t need anything from his children? Who has a greater need; the father for the child, or the child for the father? The father! What does a son need? A couple of dollars that’s all, credit card, a checkbook, whatever.

“B’shvili Nivra Ha’olam.Olam is a mess. Olam haze is a mess. It’s a horrible messed up world. It was created for me to fix. But what was created? Not the world was created, the mess was created. Olam M’lashon He’elem. The he’elem is for me to fix. But that’s my Shlichus; why does the Aybishter want his world fixed? It’s His world…?

“כל כוונתי במאמר הזה הי’ על זה הענין איך שהכל נוגע בעצמות, וואס אז מען ווייס מיט וועמען מען האט צו טאן האט מען גאר א אנדער דרך ארץ.”

“My entire intent is this Ma’amor was to stress the idea that “Everything [the performance of physical Mitzvos] concerns Atzmus;” for when we know with Whom we are dealing, we’ll have an entirely different respect.”

-The Rebbe Rashab, Toras Sholom. Simchas Torah 5674 pg.202

“הן בבעלי עסקים…שגם בהליכתו בעניני העולם זוכר על אלקות…והן ביושבי אהל בלימוד התורה ובעבודת התפלה…שעי”ז מגיעים לבחי’ עצמות אוא”ס, דשם הכל בהשוואה וכחשכה כאורה כו’…”

When a Ba’al Esek deals with this world, yet he constantly remembers G-dliness… when a Yosheiv Ohel learns Torah and davens, they reach Atzmus, the level where everything is equal, where darkness is like day…”

-Sefer Ma’amorim 5708, pg 121.

So, the revelation– and it’s a good word– , what happened at Har Sinai was a revelation.

What is a revelation? When you reveal a secret, what’s the secret? The Aybishter came along and said, “I don’t want you to eat chazir.” What’s the secret? ‘There’s a chazir and the Aybishter said I don’t want you to eat it?’ This is revealing a secret? What’s the revealed secret?

That ‘You’re not allowed to eat a chazir’ is not a secret, that ‘The Aybishter cares whether you eat a chazir,’ that’s a secret. You would never have guessed, right?

Avraham Avinu understood the Aybishter very well; yet he would never in his wildest imagination come to his own conclusion that the Aybishter cares whether you eat this meat or that meat.  To the contrary! He would say ‘That can’t possibly be true…’ and that’s the revelation. And that’s why Avraham Avinu’s children, the Eastern religions and the others who didn’t receive the Torah, they still don’t believe that the Aybishter cares what you eat. That never changed!

He wouldn’t figure it out. He would never have figured it out Al Pi Seichel. He figured out the Aybishter’s existence Al Pi Seichel — that their avodah zora doesn’t make sense, that there’s gotta be One Aybishter, he figured it all out; but could he ever figure out that the Aybishter cares whether you wear Sha’atnez? He would never! Until the Aybishter spoke to him, there’s no way for him to know.


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