A Life Almost Not Worth Living

In a sefer recently released about the famous chosid Reb Peretz Mochkin there is a fascinating story relating to a famous sicha said by the Rebbe Rashab in 1914.

A Life Almost Not Worth Living

Below is the actual story as written in the new sefer about Reb Peretz Mochkin.

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One response

  1. why is it not enough to know that the Mitzwos and the Prohibitions and the Torah is the ultimate best way for humans to live on this earth, that this is enough. so if I think G-D doesn’t need our Mitzwos, whats wrong? he created millions of humans and in order for us to live the best possible way on this earth, we need the guidance of the Torah, because this is the best “manual” how to live here and get along with each other. Like traffic. without signals and lights, (such a freedom, everybody can do what he wants), we will kill each other out on the streets. so we need those “restrictions” which are indeed ultimate freedom, because we can freely move and be safe. Same is the Torah – she guides us to live on this world. Otherwise it’s like Sdom – people stealing, killing, etc. no order.
    So isn’t this fact enough Meaning and an End to itself? Why do we need to know that G-D needs our Mitzwos. WE need the Mitzwos, because we are sometimes too human to behave or to hold ourselves back or just be a “Mentsh”. would we have been super-human, we wouldn’t have needed the Mitzwos.

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