A Peek Inside

This article was posted today on collive.com:

Ever wonder what your kid is learning in school? Or in this case, out of school?
You may have heard them recently speak about a mini school trip to the Levi Yitzchok Library in Crown Heights.

Over three years ago, Lubavitch Youth Organization initiated a program in which Lubavitch youngsters would take a short excursion to the library for an open forum discussion with RabbiManis Friedman about virtually any topic.

In these candid discussions the students could broach subjects not normally addressed during school hours. Basic questions about Hashem, Yidishkeit, Mitzvos, and their relationships with their parents, were the most common themes.

Prior to the discussions students were given blank pieces of paper to write anonymous questions about the hard pressing issues in life that are often swept right under the rug. The discussions from the past years have been made available for free download and viewing on 11213.org. Please note that other discussion groups and classes were also offered to older bochurim, kolel yungerleit, girls, married women, teachers, mashpim, pre school teachers, and various Crown Heights visitors.

These classes are sponsored by small donations made by local 11213 residents. Please help support the cause by visiting 11213.org

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