Basi Legani: Understanding The Rebbe’s Mission Statement

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  1. Rabbi Manis Friedman is really someone who can hold our hand in this …in these last moments before Moshiach. He always has the answers to our questions and doubts .. It’s a tough situation out there and sadly there are those amongst us that get somewhat influenced by the opposite of שטות דקדושה however from Rabbi Friedman’s talks I hope I can glean some comfort in that “it’s most likely to be just in לבוש cause I can picture that when Moshiach does get here it will take just a few moments for OUR ” chilled Bachurim” to get warmed up, run home WHILE getting ready for the farbrengen or dollars, quickly put on their Tztitzis or their woolen Tzitzis, a more proper yarmulka, their ” old hats” somewhere buried in their rooms , a suit, a white shirt and they are ready to roll! The “others” those who have not yet learned much Chassidus they will need translators , teachers, our Chassidishe Seforim etc to be able to appreciate what we ALL LUBAVITCHERS knew all along! These words could be a comfort for those amongst us that have experienced the “pain” of our “own” diversing from the NORM as R/ Freidman so beatifully described. One unfortunate question remains by me: If the job is down here to be done by US , down here, why did (using past tense for obvious reasoning of not ch”v to engage the present) Hashem take sooo many souls up to Heaven, if we know that so very soon they will be on their way down. Why the pain and continued suffering of those that are left to deal with these horrific losses? Can’t Hashem at this point help us out a bit by keeping everyone down here entacked without the necessity of taking our “young” really ” young” ones up there with Him and all of our Rabbeim? Eibershter Dira Batachtonim” – please…! Mercy no more suffering even for a moment, even more so longer for those almanos, almans and orphans… “Yasom Valmana Yeodaid ..their best comfort will be to bring them down back here, back home with their loved ones. Than you so very much for teaching and guiding us – it’s water for our thirsty and tired souls who’ve had just about more than enough of this Golus We are ready! Moshiach NOW! If you can comment on the comment I would so appreciate it. All the best to you and thanx again for your helpful, kind, inspirational and normal words …!

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