Tracht Gut Vet Zein Gut: What Exactly Does That Mean?

Upon the recent passing of Rabbi Yehoshua Binyomin Gordon I came across this beautiful story shared by his fellow Shliach Rabbi Mordechai Einbinder relating to the statement of “tracht gut vet zein gut“.

I remembered that Rabbi Friedman (Rabbi Gordon’s brother in law) delivered a profound lecture at a Kinus Hashluchos relating to this common expression and added a whole new dimension of understanding (please see the video below).


On at least 3 occasions, I heard the Rebbe telling Rabbi Gordon the known saying of “tracht gut vet zein gut” (think good and it will be good). The Rebbe also wrote him this instruction when there was a personal problem and Rabbi Gordon had it framed in his office and a copy of it in his pocket at all times.

This attitude of his was expressed in a story we heard at the Shiva this week, when I saw a person enter the Gordon’s residence for Shachris. He looked familiar but I couldn’t recall from where.

Here is what he told us:

On a late night around 10 years ago, someone knocked on the door of Rabbi Gordon’s house. He was an Israeli youngster spending time in California. And he came to seek advice.

He was about to get married in Northern Israel but family members from the USA were hesitant on participating because of the security situation. They asked the chosson and kallah to postpone the wedding ‘until things calm down’.

Rabbi Gordon answered without hesitation, like the Rebbe would often say, that the land of Israel is the safest place and that there is no reason to postpone a simcha even by a single day.

To prove the point, Rabbi Gordon flew to Israel to attend the wedding. Family and friends were gathered there and heard Rabbi Gordon read the Rebbe’s letter under the chuppah and then explaining the meaning of its blessings.

After the chuppah, wedding participants saw Rabbi Gordon preparing to leave. They asked whether he can stay for the meal and dancing. He replied that he needs to catch his flight back. He flew across the Atlantic, to be in Israel for 3 hours so a couple will not postpone their wedding.

Audio version:

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