I Finally Asked Reb Yoel, Sort Of

yoel-kahan-interview-3Ever since we  began highlighting that Hashem Needs Your Mitzvos there has been major resistance from all sides. How dare you say Hashem needs anything? You must mean he wants the Mitzvos but Hashem can’t need anything!

For a long while people have been pushing me to ask the famous Chabad Chassidus master Reb Yoel Kahn for his opinion on this controversial subject. While I haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and interview him one on one I came across these few pages in a sefer someone recently printed with his explanations on various mamarim.

After you learn the brief pages below you will see a striking similarity to a post we created way back when for Beyond The Brims entitled Chabad’s Philosophy Exposed. To view the post please click here.

.Page 1:

Reb Yoel Page 1

Page 2:

Reb Yoel Page 2

Page 3:

Reb Yoel Page 3

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