Video Highlight: Has Chassidus Come To America?

Here is a previously posted video clip explaining exactly why we are facing so much resistance in explaining how Hashem Needs Our Mitzvos. 

Audio version:

Mobile user/Download link: Has Chassidus Come To America?
(To Download: Right click link and select “Save Link As”)

Here is the text of the Hayom Yom of Yud Daled Tammuz noted in the video clip:

The Tzemach Tzedek notes in one of his discourses: “On Tuesday of parshat Balak 5562 (1802) our master,1 of blessed memory, said to his sons as follows: To understand the problem posed by the astronomers, that since the earth is round and spherical like an apple, why do not those people fall who live on the side of the globe opposite to ours, ‘down below,’ in America?… Their answer is not the true one… Our master,1 of blessed memory, said that the answer lies in explanation of the Etz Chaim that the Nine Spheres are nurtured by that state termed igulim, ‘Circles,’ and in a circle there is no above or below. For this reason those who live opposite us, ‘down below,’ have their heavens high above them arching in one continuity with the heaven above us, and the earth there is below, relative to the heavens over it.”



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