Full Version: Has Chassidus Come To America?

usa2For the longest time the video of this groundbreaking session with Reb Manis and Reb Shalom Charitonov has been sitting on one of my hard drives. This workshop took place several years ago with the Kolel Yungerleit and was really a big part of my personal journey in realizing that really Chassidus has not yet come to the U.S.A. until it is taught and understood in plain and simple english.

Audio version:

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One response

  1. Re: reality check. “Vos zogt Chasidus?”
    Here it is:
    If The Chosid, BalShemTov is amongst us today?
    To where he’d belong?
    To Chabad? Or To chabad Chasidut? Or To The Rebbe Chosidim? …questionable?
    The Chosid BalShemTov would walk with Aibershter live with Aibershter, talk with Aibershter!
    The Chosid BalShemTov would walk with Moshiach, live with Moshiach, talk with Moshiach!
    what a life!
    BASHT left the answer in his letter to rov Gershon….” And when your Chosidim / wellsprings will perform Unification”

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