Chof Ches Nissan: Our Perspective 25 Years Later…

Last night the farbrengen lasted till 12:30am and really gave us a true appreciation of what it mean to say Ad Mosai with an Emes. It lasted for just over 3 hours 🙂

Audio version:

Mobile user/Download link: Chof Ches Nissan: Our Perspective 25 Years Later
(To Download: Right click link and select “Save Link As”)



2 responses

  1. bh

    shalom Aleichem

    why can I not able to reblog share from your blog posts? I want them to go to my wpress w full attr to your blog

    be well

    meir w laval qc

  2. Dear rabbi Friedman, Thank you for speaking about the longing for Moshiach. Just dare to share a humble notion of our beloved Moshiach, that a phenomenon of Moshiach Sole is that his sole belongs to the World of Truth! There wasn’t, there isn’t a living sole which is equal to Moshiach Sole. While some strive moving toward the holiness, nonetheless one must to be in love with Moshiach sole to receive Him. Moshiach is not breaking through the shut door and bang in front of our shut eyes. TheRebbe said that Aibershter wants each Yid to see Moshiach (SOLE) with the ‘open eyes’. The Rebbe left for each of us a private job to do: ‘to open.. to see’ To find Moshiach in ourselves. Help Hashem, open our hearts,may we receive Moshiach let Him inside grant us with his Trurh, Aibershter, may your Moshiach Sole descends onto k’lal Israel! May we are granted the spark of Moshiach And see Moshiach with ‘open eyes’ on every Yid, may the healthy summer of geula comes natural, please Hashem!

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