Every Mitzvah Is A Favor To G-d, So To Speak…

I have been wanting to make this video clip for the longest time. Ever since I watched Jem’s fabulous video Marching Orders and heard the Rebbe say that every Mitzvah is a favor to G-d SO TO SPEAK I was confused. Doesn’t the phrase SO TO SPEAK completely undo the impact of it being a favor to G-d? And basically I was told time and time again that there is no real way to influence G-d. Which left me even more confused!

Just watch this clip and it will all make sense…

Audio version:

Mobile user/Download link: Every Mitzvah Is A Favor To G-d, So To Speak
(To Download: Right click link and select “Save Link As”)

To watch the entire Jem video Marching Orders please click here.

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