Do ALL You Can To Bring Moshiach! What That Really Means…

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This video highlight is a clip from the full class: Oholei Torah Mesivta: It’s Your World Take Care Of It



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  1. I want to create a blockbuster movie that introduces a new ideology and origin story for humanity, to create a new earth, based on authentic Torah sources, a Collective Universal Truth that every person is attuned to in their subconscious to be awakened in their conscious self. This is my dream. Moshiach! & G-dliness!

  2. What do you think? Here are my humble thoughts.. most of us are missing personal relationships with our Moshiach. This is why he is not here now, at this very moment, in front of me, besides me, inside me… Moshiach is a gentleman, he wouldn’t brake uninvited through the closed door of my sole. One by one a Jew shiuld open own’s heart to Moshiach beginning from my own undeserving self.
    BalShemTov had Personal Relationship with Moshiach by means of his own Personal Prayer, and by others known means, as tzrdakah, teshuva. The Rebbe had personal relationship with Moshiach, by the same means of his Personal Prayer. The Rebbe even left a precedent for us how to have personal relationship with himself, this long distant connection by means of answering our Personal Prayers then and now. Not a new project, indeed how to built the relationships with HaShem. Moshiach, with beloved spouse or friend. It takes two to greet the beloved one Moshiach. Let’s give it a try by making an available sole entrance for Moshiach to come in, and then see what Moshiach will do next when he is ilet inside one’s own sole, bezrathashem

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