Forbidden Fruit: Two Very Different Perspectives!

Remember the series Meet My Friend Todd? Well, last week as I was reviewing the story of Adam & Chava while learning Parshas Bereishis I remembered this great back and forth…check it out!

Audio version:

To watch the 1st Episode of Meet My Friend Todd please click here.

Here is a great video of Rabbi Manis explaining the Adam & Chava story based on Chabad Chassidus to Boro Park High School Girls.

Audio version:

To understand more of the Chassidus perspective please listen to: Adam & Chava- The Most Puzzling Story In The Torah

Or listen to this full audio class: A New Twist To An Old Story to gain a more detailed in depth comprehension.

Below are 2 pages of the 1971 Basi Legani Mammar where The Rebbe Explained this concept in a revolutionary way.


(To Download: Right click link and select “Save Link As”)



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