I Have Been Going To Chabad, But Have Some Pressing Questions

Just recorded this interview last night and it was really interesting to hear some straight forward questions about the Chabad House experience.

Audio version:

Mobile user/Download link: I Have Been Going To Chabad, But Have Some Pressing Questions
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  1. I understand that G-d knew man would need another man to focus on or the Lord wouldn’t have put Moshe in charge. I will never understand why men need another man for their focus or to keep them focused. Why put any man befween you and your Creator. To need another man to keep you focused in my opinion shows lack of personal direction. Religion IS because men spin in circles unless another man picks up the lead. Women, we do not do this. Yes our husband is our head and yes we cover our heads out of respect to our husbands but at home our hair flys… no man can tame his mane! ; )

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