Only One Day Left…

Sorry for the late notice but…

Can you help us celebrate a very special date?

Rabbi Friedman is celebrating his 70th birthday in a month.

A “Nachas Album” is being created as a birthday present.

Could you please take a few minutes and send us an email with any great memories, lessons learned, questions answered, good times had, with Rabbi Friedman? And of course, add a happy birthday wish! Please email to by November 16.

Thank you in advance for your help and may we only share in Simchas. 

For some inspiration take a look back at the About video we created when we first started




One response

  1. RABBI Manis Friedman yaarich yomim al mamlachtoi… in a vast chassidus like Chabad, i think he brout the most CLARITY in SO MANY diverse topics and it all ‘fits’ like a puzzle.

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