What The Rebbe Said In 1989…

Take 40 minutes and follow along with Rabbi Friedman as he so elegantly explains the fundamentals of Chassidus.

These few short paragraphs are part of the Shabbos Parshas Bereishis sicha found in Sefer Hasichos Tof Shin Nun.

Audio version:

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One response

  1. This was very enjoyable. Make my people THINK is TORAH. I beg to differ a bit. Not enough to change much but enough that I want to drive the Torah’s point home, or what Torah speaks to me: drive my experience with Torah home.

    Torah is singular and is very powerful. There are many YID in the Torah but the Yidim are NOT powerful. The Yidim cannot even stand next to Torah and spout that the YIDIM are powerful LIKE Torah. When the Yid is IN TORAH, they have the Torah’s power, thus making the Yid, all the Yidim powerful INSIDE Torah. Take EGO and remove the Yid or the group of Yidim from inside Torah and they are powerless: like a plug without an outlet.

    Never confuse the power of Torah. ALL who are in TORAH are powerful through Torah’s power. There are the people of Y’huda or the Jew in Torah but there is a multitude in Torah that are NOT JEW. There are many HANDS working G-d’s good and powerful plan making them too YIDIM.

    The Jew is chosen: a chosen people. There is a HUGE difference in being a chosen ONE and a yid or yidim. The Yid is only a hand the choses are His wholeness: His people who are his children.

    Yesh… ego. The Jew likes to get all worked up about being a hand when their wholeness is His. Yes, it is great to be His Hand working His plan but the chosen or elect is MUCH more: YESH… don’t diminish the JEW by seeing them as only a hand.

    All peoples of Torah have a grand place in His Story but the Jew was chosen to carry His Story to the world! The whole body carries the Torah to bring it to the world.

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