The Comment I Have Been Waiting For…

Just received this awesome comment on YouTube on the Chony Milecki interview video we just released. This guy gets it and as he mentions in text below he is a Baal Teshuva so I am including this audio highlight (below) about how amazing Baal Teshuvas  are.


I’ve been following Rabbi Friedman’s videos on this subject for a few months… since moving to Brooklyn and encountering very learned yeshivish guys who are really stuck on this concept of Hashem being perfect, therefore he doesn’t need us or our mitzvahs. So why do we do them? Because He told us to, and our logic is not His logic, so we can’t possibly understand and shouldn’t try. As a BT who became more observant through Chabad, it was a bit of a shock for me to discover that highly learned yidden had such an essential conflict with the idea of our being in a true relationship with Hashem. Because, if Hashem doesn’t need and doesn’t care, it’s not a relationship! So what are you doing all this for? This subject cuts through whatever learning a person has achieved, and really goes to the root of a one’s faith. Over several videos (one of Manis and another Rav addressing the questions of Crown Heights chabadnik bochers, another of yeshivish bochers in Eretz Yisrael, etc.), I received a glimpse of a way to address this line of reasoning, but this was by far the best, most complete exposition of his thoughts to date. Thank you to Rabbi Friedman and the 11213 crew for coming back to this issue again and again.


Audio Highlight:

Mobile user/Download link: Baal Teshuvas Are Amazing
(To Download: Right click link and select “Save Link As”)



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