Would you want your daughter to hear this?

The other day someone notified me about this new course being offered on Chabad.org about prayer. As you can see highlighted in the description paragraph below (as well as the course syllabus) it will be addressing some very fundamental points .  Take a look:

In the course, Kaplan tackles issues such as: Does G-d really need our prayers? Who authored the basic prayer liturgy and when? What is the underlying structure behind the daily prayer service? What meditations can be used to enhance an individual’s prayer experience?


January 22, 2018
Does G-d really need our prayers? Obviously not. He wants our prayers. But why? The same question can be asked about existence as a whole – G-d doesn’t need a world, but He wants one, and wishes to have a relationship with every being in it. Through prayer, we explore and express our relationship with the Divine, and with the Divine Soul within us. It is our way of bridging the finite and the infinite aspects of life, and connecting with the purpose of our existence.

To watch an interview with Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan highlighting the upcoming course click on the link below:


There was one small part of his interview which obviously caught my attention, here is the audio:


It inspired me to post this class with Bais Rivka girls in charge of Achos Tmimim which I have been wanting to release for a while and it really sheds light on how a Chosid serves  Hashem.

Audio version:

Mobile user/Download link: Would you want your daughter to hear this?
(To Download: Right click link and select “Save Link As”)

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