From a 11213 Subscriber: He Hit The Nail On The Head!

People feel so uncomfortable with the  idea that we do mitzvahs because G-d needs?
Buy why?
Where does this resistance come from?
One possibility could be purely psychological
Doing the mitzvah because G-d needs it makes some people feel less special
What I mean is that a person who dedicates a significant amount of his or her
Time, energy, appearance, diet, etc..
To something
Usually does so in expectation of some kind of return
That provides instant gratification
In a life of performance of mitvahs
People try to find what is the return
What am I getting from this?
(Unfortunately, mitzvahs were not designed to work that way)
When we do not find an obvious reason for gratification
We revert to self gratification
Self gratification means that
I am not gratified by what I am doing by it’s taste, it’s pleasure, it’s own value
What makes me feel good about it is
How it makes me feel about myself
So I do the mitzvah because it makes me feel good about myself
I can appreciate myself more because I am now
Holier, smarter, and more special that someone who does not appreciate and perform the mitzvah
This mentality automatically creates a division among people
Because now we have people who can appreciate how mitzvahs make them more special and they do the mitzvahs
And now we have people who cannot appreciate that and they do not do mitzvahs
Think of it like a vegan
I can imagine eating vegan is a sacrifice
But is also has benefits, not just health benefits
Vegans feel special about themselves because they are vegan
When You Tell a Person, Do The Mitzvah Because G-d Needs The Mitzvah
That person’s entire foundation of their
Comes fatally crashing down
Because you are trying to get that person to accept on a dime
That everything they do is not really about them and does not make them any more special than the next guy
In a sense we are trying to do the same thing that Baal Shem Tov started
We are leveling the field and making the non-frum Jew (or the simple Jew in the times of the Baal Shem Tov)
Just the same as the frum Jew (or the learned in Jew in the times of the Baal Shem Tov)
No wonder it’s not so easy



One response

  1. awesome the whole world has to know this it’s so healthy so true !
    It”s the true esscence of lishma= leshem HASHEM

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